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Les Florent Trail


Named in memory of Mr. Florent Côté, who was farming parcels of land atop the Montagne des Florent, and, to do so, had to walk on a small path at the base of the mountain. Linking Baie-Saint-Paul to Saint-Urbain, in the backcountry, stretching over 18.2 km, it features 7 accesses allowing the hiker the pleasure to create his own itinerary. Different lookouts along the course offer breathtaking views of du Gouffre valley and the town of Baie-Saint-Paul with, in the backdrop, the majestic St. Lawrence River. A small observation tower reveals a view of the mountains to the west. Direction of Saint-Urbain, a former open pit mine site, the village and mountains of des Grands-Jardins national park are sure to catch your eyes.


  • Camping Le Genévrier on route 138 (3.9 km East of Baie-Saint-Paul).
  • 3 accesses on the rang St-Jérôme: km 1.3, 3.1 and 6.6. Near the Camping le Genévrier, on route 138, take the Terrasse de la Rémy Street for 600 m and turn right on the rang St-Jérôme.
  • Maison Chez Laurent, at the junction of routes 138 and 381, there is an access path of 2.8 km (12.3 km east of Baie-Saint-Paul).
  • Famille Migneron de Charlevoix on route 138 (7 km east of Baie-Saint-Paul).
  • At km 3.9 of route 381, across from the Centre de l’émeu de Charlevoix in Saint-Urbain.

Technical informations

  • Distance 18.2 km
  • Duration 4h30
  • Level Intermediate
  • Access

    • Hiking
    • Snowshoeing
  • Specifications

    • Picnic area
    • Dogs allowed
    • Camping
    • Restaurants
    • Parking
    • Bathroom
    • Belvedere
  • Nearby cities

    • Baie-Saint-Paul 8,5km
    • Saint-Urbain 0,6km


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Contact informations

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4, place de l'Église, local 201
Baie-Saint-Paul (Québec) G3Z 1T2

  418 435-2639

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