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Des pointes Trail


Des Pointes trail begins in Saint-Urbain as the extension of Les Florents trail. It goes through the country side with, as backdrop, the village, the church’s steeple, pastures and mountains. Arriving at the woods, it meanders among many tree species and meets with the Église stream. It then leads to a lookout with a view on a cascade and a rocky ledge. Further along, the trail rises digging deeper into the boreal forest. There are several footpaths to cross over the marshlands. One of them allows for admiring the beavers handy work. At the 10th km, the panorama reveals a valley to the North-East. Past this point, the trail goes back down to a rest stop located on des Pointes road, by le Petit Bras creek banks, where a picnic area is located.                  


Eastern access : at des Pointes road rest stop, approximately 2.5 km North of the village of Saint-Urbain, on Route 381
Western Access : The starting point is situated at the Centre de l’émeu de Charlevoix,  706 Route 381, in Saint-Urbain; or at the Ferme Basque de Charlevoix,  813 Saint-Édouard Street.

It is always important to get information from the trail manager before going hiking.

Technical informations

  • Distance 10.9 km
  • Duration NA
  • Level Intermediate
  • Access

    • Hiking
    • Snowshoeing
  • Specifications

    • Picnic area
    • Dogs allowed
    • Parking
    • Bathroom
  • Nearby cities

    • Saint-Urbain 0,6km
    • Baie-Saint-Paul 17,9km


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Contact informations

MRC de Charlevoix
4, place de l'Église, local 201
Baie-Saint-Paul (Québec) G3Z 1T2

  418 435-2639

Documentation About MRC de CharlevoixVisit the official site of MRC de Charlevoix

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