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De l’Orignac Trail


Wild nature characterizes this trail. It crisscrosses through numerous ecosystems, from a maple grove to the tundra.


The L’Orignac-Ouest trail begins at the junction of La Traversée de Charlevoix and Mont Grand-Fonds trails. It extends off to the east to Lake McLeod, where the L’Orignac-Centre trail starts. Continuing eastward, it progresses to a plantation of jack pines and climbs up towards viewpoints of which a particularly striking one is found at kilometer 4. Mont Grand-Fonds, the Noire river valley and Les Palissades can be seen. A bit further, it meets with the Petit Lac Noir. From there, admire the St. Lawrence River and the valley of a geological fault, Les Palissades. This portion of the trail goes through the ÖBois Charlevoix and leads to the municipality of Saint-Siméon.


Daily Access – $10 (including parking at ÖBois Charlevoix).

East access: 318, rue St-Laurent, St-Siméon

ÖBois Charlevoix: 100 Côte de la Jetée, Saint-Siméon (paid parking), possibility of going to Lac Noir 

Access to Lac McLeod: from Route 138 in Port-au-Persil, take Chemin Breton and continue for 11 km (summer season only)

Mont Grand Fonds: 1000 ch. des Loisirs, La Malbaie (+ 10.5 km)

Trail Sections

  • Orignac East trail: 6.2 km (East access to ÖBois Charlevoix)
  • Small loop Eastern sector: 2.5 km 
  • Lac Noir trail: 1 km linear (ÖBois Charlevoix sector)
  • Orignac Center trail: 17.2 km  (ÖBois Charlevoix to Lac McLeod)
  • Orignac West trail: 9.7 km (Lac McLeod to Lac au Plongeon sector)
  • Access to Mont Grand-Fonds trail: 10.5 km (Lac au Plongeon sector to Mont Grand-Fonds)

Additional information

Hiking is allowed during the hunting season, some people advise against it, however one must be careful and wear a vest especially in the Orignac-Ouest portion and on the 0 to 6 kilometers of the Orignac-Centre trail.

It is always important to get information from the trail manager before going hiking.

Technical informations

  • Distance 43.6 km
  • Duration ND
  • Level Intermediate
  • Access

    • Hiking
    • Snowshoeing
  • Specifications

    • Parking
    • Camping
    • Belvedere
    • Dogs allowed
  • Nearby cities

    • Saint-Siméon 0.1km
    • La Malbaie 14.4km


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