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22 August 2022Tourisme Charlevoix

10 perfect spots for a picnic near the river

No more searching! Here is a list of the places where you can sit comfortably and enjoy your picnic basket of Charlevoix products while admiring the magnificent St. Lawrence River.

1. The Petite-Rivière-Saint-François wharf

We start this list at the western gateway to the region: Petite-Rivière-Saint-François. Find a quiet spot at the very end of the quay for a moment of tranquillity.

Complete the experience: Explore one of the many nearby hiking trails!

melina roche Photo : Mélina Roche

2. The Charlevoix tourist information office located in Baie-Saint-Paul

The feeling you get when you reach the coast leading to Baie-Saint-Paul is difficult to explain. But a picture is worth a thousand words. Stop at the Charlevoix tourist information office and make this magic moment last a little longer.

Tip: The Les Bonyeuses bakery prepares everything you need for a picnic. A mouth-watering, hassle-free option!

2.-C-Tourisme-Charlevoix-1024x683 Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix

3. Boisé du Quai in Baie-Saint-Paul

Before or after dinner, take a stroll through the Boisé du Quai, a nature stopover in the heart of Baie-Saint-Paul. A dream-like forest and river combo!

Complete the experience: Book an outing on the water with Katabatik – Aventure dans Charlevoix. Departures are just a few meters from where you are standing!

Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix
Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix

4. Les Éboulements rest area

Whether before taking the ferry to Isle-aux-Coudres or continuing on to La Malbaie, stop for a picnic surrounded by all the beauty that awaits you!

Complete the experience: Visit the Musée Maritime de Charlevoix to discover the fascinating history of wooden schooners and get a chance to climb on board!

Header-option1-C-Tourisme-Charlevoix-André-Olivier-Lyra-1024x683 Photo : André-Olivier Lyra

5. The quay of Saint-Irénée

Fair warning: you may decide to stay awhile on the fine sand of one of the most beautiful beaches in the region.

Tip: A few meters from the beach, stock up at Chez Léon et Lily artisanal biscuit maker. Sandwiches, cheeses, cold cuts and, of course, delicious cookies will make a quality feast!

5.-Saint-Irénée-option-1-C-Tourisme-Charlevoix-1024x683 Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix

6. The Quai Casgrain in La Malbaie

In the heart of La Malbaie, enjoy a pretty promenade, a playground and feel a gentle sea breeze.

Tip: Before you sit down, stop by the Boulangerie Pains d’exclamation! You won’t leave empty-handed!

6.-Quai-Casgrain-C-Tourisme-Charlevoix-1024x683 Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix

7. Cap-à-l’Aigle Marina

The Port de Refuge de Cap-à-l’Aigle, set back off Route 138, is the perfect place from which to discover this wonderful sector.

Tip: If you are heading west, a cheese curd stop at Fromagerie Saint-Fidèle is a must. If you’re eastbound instead, the quick detour is definitely worth it!

7.-Marina-option-1-C-Tourisme-Charlevoix-1024x683 Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix

8. Baie-des-Rochers

This magnificent bay is synonymous with peace and tranquility and, depending on the high or low tide, you will experience totally different moments!

Complete the experience: Camera in hand, set off on to Anse de Sable. Amazement guaranteed!

8.-BDR-C-Tourisme-Charlevoix-1024x768 Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix

9. The Centre d’interprétation et d’observation de Pointe-Noire in Baie-Sainte-Catherine

Enjoy a good meal and watch the impressive marine mammals swimming past. It’s possible at the Centre d’interprétation et d’observation de Pointe-Noire, a breathtaking site.

Complete the experience: Croisières AML takes you out on the water aboard their vessels to discover fin whales and other cetaceans.

9.-Pointe-Noire_C-Parcs-Canada-Eric-Lajeunesse-1024x682 Photo : Centre d’interprétation et d’observation de Pointe-Noire, Parcs Canada, Éric Lajeunesse

10. The Boulangerie Bouchard on Isle-aux-Coudres

No matter where you are on this charming little island, it’s easy to see the river. When you can do it while enjoying traditional desserts or a delicious pâté, that’s what we call happiness!

Complete the experience: With your full belly, take the opportunity to visit the nearby Les Traverseux – Canot à Glace Charlevoix. It’s a fascinating story!

DSC02269 Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix, Raphaël Bilodeau

Of course, this list is not complete. As you travel along the banks of the St. Lawrence, you will certainly discover other rest areas with views worthy of the most beautiful postcards. It’s your turn to explore these enchanting places!

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