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Gabrielle-Roy-Ouest Trail


The Gabrielle-Roy-Ouest trail is a 11.4 km linear trail integrated to a major development project in the Charlevoix MRC. It aims to join the Sentier des Caps to the Traversée de Charlevoix via a footpath. The trail meanders through the realm of moose, and to avoid being taken by surprise by one of these behemoths, wear jingles or bells. You will cross a bridge of almost 15 m above the Petite-Rivière-Saint-François. A little before reaching the 6th km, you will notice the Bloc Erratique, an immense rock left by glaciers almost 12 000 years ago. Discover, a little further, a maple grove at an altitude of 580 m. The forest comprises black spruce, fir, rowan trees, white birch, maple trees, pine, beech and magnificent and gigantic yellow birch, Québec’s emblematic tree. The trail ends at the Fief du Massif, at the junction with the Louise-Gasnier trail. There is no service along the trail. Dogs are allowed, on a leash or well trained for walking by its master.

This trail was named for Gabrielle Roy, a French-Canadian author born in Manitoba. Our region’s landscapes and watercourses were her favorite locations and her source of inspiration.


West Access
At km 432,5 on route 138, take the road to the Massif for 5.3 km. On the western side of the parking lot, an information shelter indicates the start of Le Lugeron trail. Walk 2.5 km before reaching the networks junction and the Gabrielle-Roy-West trail.
East Access
At km 437 of route 138, take du Fief road for 850 m and turn right on rue de l’Étendard. The parking lot, a halt and an information shelter are a few meters away. Careful: the parking lot is not always plowed in winter.
South Access
At km 441.5 of route 138, take the rue Principale and go down to the village, then traverse it to the Domaine à Liguori, again on your right (11.8 km). Near the information shelter, take the Ancestrale trail to reach the Gabrielle-Roy-West trail (3.2 km).

It is always important to get information from the trail manager before going hiking.

Technical informations

  • Distance 11.7 km
  • Duration 3h
  • Level Intermediate
  • Access

    • Hiking
    • Snowshoeing
  • Specifications

    • Dogs allowed
    • Parking
    • Parking
    • Belvedere
  • Nearby cities

    • Baie-Saint-Paul, 12km

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