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22 August 2022Tourisme Charlevoix

9 must-do outfitter experiences in Charlevoix

We got the chance to talk to all of the outfitters in the region and now we’re sharing their well-kept secrets with you! Our specialists share their favourite outdoor activities so you can add them to your travel plans this summer!

Let’s start with the basics: what’s an outfitter?

Located in the heart of nature, outfitters help you escape from it all while avoiding the worries associated with organizing a vacation in the forest. Although the major reason for going there is to hunt or fish, outfitters have a lot more to offer you! Whether you are a couple or a family, outfitters can guide you and provide everything you need for a wonderful stay. Accommodations, from rustic to luxurious, are an integral part of this experience. Plus, the wide range of activities available on-site ensures an unforgettable experience!

Tourisme Charlevoix, André-Olivier Lyra Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix, André-Olivier Lyra

1. Observe black bears, recommended by Claude Lavoie from Domaine Le Pic-Bois

This outfitter is known for finding these incredible and commanding mammals. Perched in a watchtower, participants are sure to lay their eyes on one or more of the imposing black bears. On top of capturing amazing photos, this family activity has an educational component. The excursion always begins with a presentation and enlightenments by an experienced guide and specialist in bear behaviour. After a few minutes of walking in the forest, observers sit high up, listening and keeping their eyes open. Guaranteed powerful emotions!

1.-domaine_pic_bois_07-1024x683 Photo : Domaine Le Pic-Bois

2. Go hiking, recommended by Chantal Forgues from the Club des Trois Castors

Hiking is a key activity in the Charlevoix region and outfitters offer the possibility of discovering many trails. At the Club des Trois Castors (literally the three beavers club), there’s a whole new way to discover some impressive viewpoints. An incredible opportunity to contemplate your surroundings over 360 degrees, alternating between mountainous landscapes and views of the St. Lawrence River. Sit back and quietly absorb the beauty all around as you deeply breathe in the fresh air!

2.-pourvoirie_club_trois_castors_12-1024x678 Photo : Club des Trois Castors

3. Observe the flora, recommended by Daniel Foster from the Domaine chasse et pêche Gaudias Foster

The middle of nature presents the perfect opportunity to stop and appreciate the wonders that surround you. Charlevoix is a fortunate territory thanks to its numerous and diversified ecosystems. Within the hunting and fishing estate of Domaine chasse et pêche Gaudias Foster, in the peat bog, you can observe the pitcher plant, a carnivorous native that grows in wetlands. Her deadly allure for foraging, flying, and crawling insects contradicts the pitcher plant’s striking beauty!

3.-Par-Pouzin-Olivier-—-Travail-personnel-CC-BY-3.0-1024x768 Photo : Olivier Pouzin

4. Have an aperitif at sunset, recommended by Jean-Michel Néron of the Pourvoirie des Lacs Roger et Faucille

Enjoying happy hour as you admire the sunset is a must during the summer. It’s even more magical when you can to do it from a charming cottage just a few steps from the lake. Imagine the scene: the rustling of the leaves, the still, almost mirror lake, and the sweet smell of a Charlevoisian beer or apple cider. It’s a truly rejuvenating moment.

4.-pourvoirie_04-1024x681 Photo : Association des Pourvoiries de Charlevoix

5. Enjoy a gourmet dinner featuring local products, recommended by Noël Tremblay from the Pourvoirie du Lac Moreau

Some outfitters, forest innkeepers in a way, also operate catering services. And not just any food! Discover a generous cuisine that features game and fish in a five-course meal. Charlevoix’s gastronomy and local products are unparalleled, and the Pourvoirie du Lac Moreau honours that tradition daily! Between now and the official reopening of the dining room, they are developing an appetizing menu of plates made with regional products that you can enjoy in the comfort of your cabin.

5.-auberge_ravage_pourvoirie_03-1024x819 Photo : Auberge du Ravage, Pourvoirie du Lac Moreau

6. Laze on a beach, recommended by Catherine Dufour from Pourvoirie du Club Bataram

Between fishing trips, take advantage of the good weather to stretch out on a fine sandy beach and soak up every ray of sunshine that touches your body. The Site de la Rivière Noire is an exceptional place to spend memorable moments with your family. On the menu: building impressive sand castles, swimming in the waters of the Lac de la Rivière Noire, tanning and relaxation. Basically, how every day should be spent!

6.-Club-Bataram-Sylvain-Auger-1024x686 Photo : Pourvoirie Club Bataram, Sylvain Auger

7. Enjoy water sports, recommended by Éloïse Harvey from Pourvoirie du Lac Croche

Imagine exploring a lake from your kayak or from the top of your paddle board! Many water sports facilities are available to enhance your stay. Pedal boats and canoes are added options for discovering the countless lakes and rivers while practicing a water activity. It’s a great way to put your skills to the test!

7.-Stock-518182728-1024x683 Photo : Association des Pourvoiries de Charlevoix

8. Treat yourself to a wonderful picnic in the heart of a lake, recommended by Céline Labonté from Pourvoirie Humanité

During a pleasant kayaking trip, lunch box in hand, you must stop on the island paradise located in the heart of Lac François. Before getting comfortable and devouring your lunch, dive into the water from the rocky notch for big splashes and guaranteed smiles! So lucky to enjoy a scrumptious picnic starring local flavours. Bon appétit!

8.-Saut-à-lîle_Moment-1024x576 Photo : Pourvoirie Humanité

9. Take advantage of the generous aquatic ecosystems for exceptional fishing, recommended by Tourisme Charlevoix

Staying with one of the many outfitters in Charlevoix will make your vacation truly memorable. Children and adults will return with unique memories that will remain engraved forever! Speckled trout, Arctic char, light casting or fly fishing: we cater to all tastes!

Tourisme Charlevoix, André-Olivier Lyra 2 Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix, André-Olivier Lyra
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