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9 January 2023Émilie Desgagnés

Charlevoix in winter, muse of great artists

Winter scenes hold an important place in Québec’s culture and the visual arts world, and especially in Charlevoix, the birthplace of many renowned artists, all freely inspired by the picturesque landscapes that change with every season. For many painters, winter is an inexhaustible source of inspiration that gives birth to works that we can admire forever.


Vladimir Horik

Nicknamed “the alchemist of colours,” painter Vladimir Horik is most widely recognized for his Charlevoix landscapes. Dazzling colours, unique luminosity and fiery brushwork are combined to explore the interior of the land as well as the coast. This accomplished artist, often described as one of the most talented and influential of his generation, knows how to find beauty everywhere. Vladimir Horik is represented by the Au P’tit Bonheur Art Gallery, in La Malbaie.

Le coeur de Sainte-Agnès, en Charlevoix, Vladimir Horik - Crédit Galerie d'art Au P'tit Bonheur Photo : Galerie d'art Au P'tit Bonheur
Photo : Galerie d'art Iris

Jean-François Racine

Jean-François Racine has made winter and northern Québec his favourite subjects. With his keen sense of design and perspective, he pays particular attention to the search for colours, light and ambiance. This “painter-skier” travels to the mountains in winter and paints his canvases using his skis planted in the snow as an easel, capturing a passing skier and the immensity of the mighty St. Lawrence River strewn with ice in the background. Jean-François Racine is represented by the Iris Art Gallery, in Baie-Saint-Paul.

Laurent Lafleur

Laurent Lafleur maintains his child-like heart at the centre of his creations by imagining whole worlds where the viewer can linger, live and dream. For him, the creative gesture is about innovating, doing something new and surprising the viewer. His realistic and enchanting scenes proclaim the deep love he has for his home, Charlevoix. He is represented by the Charlevoix Art Gallery in Baie-Saint-Paul.

On Voit Même Plus la Puck, Laurent Lafleur - Crédit Galerie d'art Charlevoix Photo : Galerie d'art Charlevoix
Photo : Galerie Art & Style

Jimmy Perron

Originally from Isle-aux-Coudres, Jimmy Perron is known for his sensitive and subtle works that illustrate nature and the people all around him. Instinctive, this multidisciplinary artist draws his inspiration from his island territory and the surrounding presence of the river and mountains. His sensitivity lights up with shapes, colours, textures, materials and objects. Jimmy Perron is represented by the Art & Style Gallery, in Baie-Saint-Paul.

Charlevoix proudly celebrates many other renowned painters who often pay homage to the Charlevoix winter through their works. Stefan Horik, Louis Tremblay, Guy Paquet and Humberto Pinochet are some key names whose collections are available in art galleries in the region.

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