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11 August 2022Tourisme Charlevoix

Treat yourself to an “all inclusive” in nature

As everyday life goes faster and faster, and the thousand-and-one projects piling up, it often feels like there aren’t enough hours in a day. You’re constantly on the go, dreaming of the moment when you are finally able to stop. This dream becomes a reality when you treat yourself to an “all inclusive” in nature with Charlevoix outfitters. They offer a unique experience, a change of scenery that brings peace of mind. When you dare to venture there, you will experience joy in so many ways.


Lots of leisure activities

Charlevoix outfitters are places that create unforgettable memories. Whether for fans of sports, motorized activities or relaxation, there is something for everyone. Several activities are available: hiking, swimming, water sports, mountain biking, quad biking, all-terrain vehicles and much more. Some outfitters even have game modules for your little ones for a true resort experience.

Association des Pourvoiries de Charlevoix Photo : Association des Pourvoiries de Charlevoix

Get in touch with nature

When you visit an outfitter, you step into the heart of a large nature reserve of well-kept little treasures. Imagine having the chance to live with moose, the kings of our forests. Picking wild berries, hunting, fishing, fauna and flora observation and interpretation activities will allow you to admire the subtleties of this magnificent land that surrounds us. It’s only when we take the time to appreciate it and get to know it more closely that we understand nature’s unlimited generosity.

Essentiel - Pourvoiries Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix

Sensational vistas

Staying in the heart of the boreal forest gives you the opportunity to experience the unique shows only Mother Nature has the power to present. The combination of sky, forest and lakes provides spectacular panoramas that change with the comings and goings of day and night. Imagine sipping a coffee while watching the first light of morning reflect on the waters of the calm lake. Or watching the sun set behind the high mountains as a fire crackles at dusk. Photographers, visual artists or just nature lovers are well served here.

Paysage pourvoirie Photo : Association des Pourvoiries de Charlevoix

Warm welcome

Another characteristic that distinguishes outfitters is certainly the proximity to your hosts. Often staying on their property, outfitter owners and hosts are happy to offer quality services that make you feel like a member of their family. Meals are prepared with love and often created with local products to make you feel at home.


As a couple, with family or friends, come discover Charlevoix outfitters and treat yourself to an “all-inclusive” stay in the generous heart of nature that is Charlevoix. A genuine haven of peace, far from the daily routine, where discoveries, wonder and fabulous encounters are at one with the environment.

Photo : André-Olivier Lyra

Plan your stay

Plan your stay with Charlevoix outfitters and take advantage of all that our partners have to offer.

Your adventure in Charlevoix starts here!

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