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Maison Mère Baie-St-Paul

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Maison Mère Baie-Saint-Paul is a former convent of 180 000 sf that was converted in 2017 into a creative and innovative space. Under its three steeples are accommodations, a lunch café ,a heritage and museum tour, artist’s studios, a vast flower garden, a co-working area and even more. Harmoniously updated by architect Pierre Thibault, Maison Mère is a most inspiring and magical place, in the heart of Baie-Saint-Paul, city of art and heritage.

At Maison Mère, several challenging worlds coexist and live together. Together they are involved in a unique socio-economic development project where sustainable innovation is the priority. In inspiring locations filled with history, where tradition and modernity meet providing fertile ground for infinite possibilities. Discover Maison Mère, The place where everything is possible.

Maison Mère is also several organizations whose missions meet one or many of the following six broad areas of development: Food processing, Art & Culture, Education, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable development and Accommodation. Together they spell the wealth of this unique and mobilizing project.


  • Come and discover the Auberge des Balcons, a youth hostel located downtown Baie-Saint-Paul. We come here to save money but mainly to live a warm and lively experience.


  • Mousse Café is a cozy café offering local food and "on the go" lunch. It includes also a play zone for the younglings, more than a hundred boardgames and a store for artists and children. Come and play at Mousse Café, partake in our creative activities or taste our delightful homemade cupcakes. Our café aims to accommodate families with a baby changing table, protected power outlets, a welcoming ambiance and a lot more!


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63, rue Ambroise-Fafard
Baie-Saint-Paul (QC)  G3Z 2J7

  418 435-3521

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