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18 August 2022Imane Landry

What to do when it rains in Baie-Saint-Paul and the surrounding area

Rain doesn’t necessarily mean canceling all your plans and barricading yourself indoors. It can be absolutely amazing to admire the landscapes differently. The mountain mist, the mystical shades of gray, the colossal cloud shapes evoke all sorts of things… Accepting a little wetness can sometimes bring memorable experiences, laughter and unnoticed scenery.


Discover a “summitless” trail

When you visit Charlevoix for a few days, you often get ideas of grandeur. You want to go on the most impressive hikes, but sometimes it all falls into the water… literally. And nothing is more disappointing after a difficult ascent than to see only a blanket of clouds once you reach the top. Clouds and rain are the perfect time to travel a shorter and lesser-known trail.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Le Gros-Pin, Parc National des Grands-Jardins
  • The Boisé du Quai, Baie-Saint-Paul
  • The Promenade des Maraîchers / des Capitaines between Les Éboulements and Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive
  • The Gabrielle-Roy trail (east and west)

There are many more to explore!

Photo : Imane Landry
Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix

Get wetter

Taking advantage of rainy weather to do a water activity is a brilliant idea! It’s the perfect opportunity to go raftingDescente Malbaie offers half-day or full-day excursions on the white waters of the Malbaie River for a shot of adrenaline to make you forget about the rain streaming down your face.

Canyoning-Québec offers waterfall descents at three magnificent Charlevoix sites: the Chute à Cimon, Le Massif de Charlevoix and the Canyon de la Grande-Pointe. Rain or not, you’re going to get soaked either way, but you’ll maintain a good body temperature with the wetsuits they provide.

Katabatik – Aventure dans Charlevoix rents kayaks and paddle boards to navigate down the Rivière du Gouffre or to gently wander in the river. A wetsuit is included for sea kayaking and you will be accompanied by a guide. For other excursions, if you dread the cold, wetsuits are available for rental.

Photo : Descente Malbaie
Photo : Katabatik Aventure

Fill your stomach

Charlevoix products make your emotions tastes great! A gloomy sky has this gift of providing a reason to slack off, but don’t worry because many local delicacies and tastings will put a smile back on your face!

1  With your umbrella in hand, you will be set for discoverig gourmet products at one of the five weekly public markets in the region: the Marché public de Baie-Saint-Paul, the Marché des Fabriqueux in Isle-aux-Coudres, the Marché public de Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, the Marché Apéro de Saint-Irénée and the Marché public de La Malbaie.

2  Hydromel Charlevoix has had the wind beneath its wings since opening last year. With new products to discover all the time – from natural sparkling wines to spirits – you can taste everything in store.

3  This summer, the brand new organic wines and famous spirits from the Famille Migneron de Charlevoix are available for tasting at their small pop-up bar. A few cheeses are also available for tasting in the boutique.

4  Every Tuesday until October 11, you can take part in a coffee tasting and discovery workshop at the Café Charlevoix artisanal coffee roaster.

Photo : Tony Pontonnier
Photo : Pikur


This is a great opportunity to slow down and enjoy a thermal experience at the Spa Nordique Le Germain. Add a treatment or a massage to suit your mood and desire. The facilities are spread over an enchanting site facing a field with animals and surrounding mountains. Without going too far, you can then have a bite to eat at one of the two restaurants on-site, Le Bercail or Les Labours.

If you need heat, go to Spa O’Quartz. The microclimate experience will transport you to a tropical feel-good ambiance with pools that draw their water from an underground source in Pointe-au-Pic.

To learn more about the five spas in the region and for more information, read this article.

Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix, Réjeanne Martin
Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix

Have fun sheltering from the weather

1  In the evening, you can attend one of the many events planned across the region, including:

For more information to match your travel dates, consult the summer calendar that lists all the events in the region.

2  Go for a delicious hot drink at the Mousse Café and play board games. You can obtain daily access to their vast library of games at a lower cost and play on-site. If you really liked a particular game, you can even purchase it at their boutique.

3  Treat yourself to some fascinating cultural discoveries with the huge choice of museums, interpretation centres and galleries.

4  Discover the Casino de Charlevoix through its program of shows and DJ evenings, its bars and its facilities. For three weekends from August 19 to September 4, many festivities await you as part of the Les Fééries event at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu. In particular, you can take advantage of the fun fair under the marquee where you can go back to your childhood and re-cultivate the magic of wonder.

Photo : Tourisme Charlevoix, Réjeanne Martin
Photo : EM photographie culinaire

After-rain bonus:

If you spot a clearing during the rain, look for the rainbow. Depending on your point of view, they are usually full and often double in this region! It’s a beautiful gift from nature to you!


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