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22 March 2021Mylène Simard

Soak up some culture via our museums, economuseums and interpretation centers

Across Charlevoix, waves of history and creativity of local artists and artisans flows through every town throughout the region. Step inside a variety of historical, modern and traditionally preserved establishments and discover their fascinating histories. Each one displays unique local talents & tells fascinating stories of local pride. Let the inspiration wash over you.


Paul-Médéric Cultural Crossroads – Baie-Saint-Paul

In the heart of Baie-Saint-Paul, this multidisciplinary gallery displays visual and performing arts including two permanent exhibitions, Espace Baie-Saint-Paul and Studio Trad. Other temporary and seasonal exhibitions reflecting local flavour are sure to inspire.


Museum and heritage space of the Little Franciscans of Mary – Baie-Saint-Paul

This museum is home to the captivating history of the Little Franciscans of Mary, an important congregation established in Charlevoix at the end of the 19th century. Experiencing original artifacts and captivating photographs, step back in time and take a walk in their shoes.


Laiterie Charlevoix, Economuseum® – Baie-Saint-Paul

Since 1948, the Labbé family has passed down its know-how from one generation to the next. Originally trading a wide range of dairy products, the company is now focused on crafting small batch fine cheeses including a delicious cheddar that is recognized across Canada. Enjoy a true taste of local passion.


Contemporary art museum of Baie-Saint-Paul – Baie-Saint-Paul

The only museum in eastern Quebec devoted entirely to contemporary art, this beautiful building hosts a vast collection of more than 3,000 pieces including original works from Quebec’s most famous artists as well as the Symposium International de Baie-Saint-Paul. A visual treat not to be missed.


Moulin seigneurial Les Éboulements – Les Éboulements

Built in 1790 by Lord Jean-François Tremblay, this mill represents one of the last seigneurial groups in Quebec. Having retained its original appearance and mechanisms, take advantage of the guided tour and leave with your own natural flour – the wholesome end product of an astonishing ancestral process.


Charlevoix Maritime Museum – Les Éboulements, Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive

Submerge yourself in the region’s strong maritime heritage with exhibitions displaying the history of wooden schooners and coastal shipping on the St. Lawrence. Enjoy a variety of stimulating and educational activities including its five exhibitions, four boats, a small hebertism course, a hiking trail and more. Dive in!


Papeterie Saint-Gilles, Economuseum® – Les Éboulements Saint-Joseph-de-la-Rive

For over 60 years, artisans here have been handcrafting high quality cotton-based paper. In a historic setting, visitors have the chance to observe not only the stages of papermaking, but also to visit temporary exhibitions and an art gallery boutique. If you’re looking for a unique medium for all your creative projects, write this stop down.


Cidrerie Les Vergers Pedneault, Economuseum® – Isle-aux-Coudres

This little gem can be found on the charming Isle-aux-Coudres. This family business transforms a variety of fruits including apples, pears, plums & cherries into 50,000 liters of juice annually to produce a delicious range of ciders, mistelles, juices, musts, creams, cider vinegars, butters, jellies and jams. Enjoy a tasting, and leave with a true taste of Charlevoix.


Les Moulins de l’Isle-aux-Coudres, Economuseum® – Isle-aux-Coudres

An exceptionally picturesque location boasting a windmill beside a working water mill. While grinding buckwheat on original grindstones, an artisan miller walks you through original techniques before you explore the miller’s house and pick up your own bag of freshly ground flour at the boutique.


Les Traverseux – Canot à Glace Charlevoix – Isle-aux-Coudres

Whether you visit in summer or winter, discover how this traditional means of transport has journeyed from being a daily necessity to the ultimate racing competition. Dive into the full experience by enjoying their ice canoe school and outings on the river or take a back seat and discover their traditional artefacts, boutique and restaurant-bar with terraces offering breathtaking views.


Centre de l’émeu de Charlevoix, Economuseum® – Saint-Urbain

Don’t fly by this unique agrotourism experience! Unearth surprising facts about this intriguing animal in the setting of a beautiful family farm. As pure emu oil is renowned for its many beautifying benefits, you’ll find it in a range of body products available from their shop before enjoying the rest of the farm and a selection of delicious foods.


Forge-menuiserie Cauchon – La Malbaie

Built in 1882, this working atelier is one of the best preserved in Quebec, so much so it’s classified as an historical building. The impressive collection of traditional tools and the opportunity to meet the blacksmith allow you to forge a deeper connection with this traditional trade, a bygone era and its crucial role in local history.


La Maison du Bootlegger – La Malbaie, Sainte-Agnès

Step into another world, literally. Upon arrival, take the secret staircase and find yourself transported into the prohibition era. A fascinating guided tour allows you to discover the days when Charlevoix was once a dry province. From it’s camouflaged bar with double soundproof walls to the so-called ‘games room’, there are so many little wonders to discover – even an authentic signature of Elvis Presley! For one intriguing story after another, pull up a bar stool.


Charlevoix Museum – La Malbaie

A host of colorful and fascinating exhibitions show you another side of the history of Charlevoix through a variety of artforms from different eras, from traditional to modern. Numerous activities, games and a fabulous terrace on the roof of the museum offer a picture perfect view of the St. Lawrence.


There’s a whole new side of Charlevoix to discover. Feel the attraction and dive in head first.

Photo : Musée de Charlevoix, Raphaël Bilodeau
Photo : Laiterie Charlevoix, Francis Gagnon
Photo : Musée maritime de Charlevoix, André-Olivier Lyra
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