A family history

” For six generations, my ancestors farmed the land where we stand today. When the project of starting an emu farm arose, I opted without hesitation for Saint-Urbain and the family lands where I grew up.

I did not always live in Charlevoix. I left to attend school and then, at the beginning of my professional life, I worked as dietician nutritionist in various regions of Québec.

The first time I saw emu chicks at a food exhibition, I fell in love and took an immediate interest in their meat which is tender, delicious, good for the health and environment friendly. I did a market research and four of us, with the family and a friend of my brother’s, we launched the business. We now celebrate our 20th anniversary and, with more than 300 birds, our farm is among the largest emu farms in Canada! We also welcome visitors from around the world, intrigued by the exoticism of this bird originally from Australia. I often say that I am so lucky that my path crossed that of this natural treasure!

With time, we discovered the many properties of emu fat processed into oil. Today, we offer 14 different body products made with emu oil. It is important to me to value the whole animal.

 Things have certainly changed in the area from when my parents were looking after dairy cows, chickens and cultivating vegetables. In those days, there were very few houses while we now stand in the heart of the village.

I have always loved the place. Even when I was living elsewhere, I returned to Charlevoix to see my family and practice my activities. I enjoy nature at des Grands-Jardins national park or des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie national park. The region has countless good addresses! The Manoir Richelieu, inns and restaurants offer excellent regional products including emu meat tartar, carpaccio, medallion or burger. The Flavour Trail of Charlevoix is a must: an opportunity to meet with our artisans!”