” I left Montréal to go work in Charlevoix five years ago. Skiing is what first attracted me here. Skiing at Le Massif is quite the experience! The ski area is mind-blowing as much as the after-ski by the way. I have never seen anything like it: people dancing on the bars during shows you gain access to free of charge. Wow!

Choosing a lifestyle related to seasonal work has allowed me to explore various avenues during the summer. Being a fan of mountain biking, I became very involved with the Club cycliste de Charlevoix and the Ultra Trail Harricana. I also worked in the kayaking industry and to this day participate in training guides every spring. During Le Festif! I become a barman and I just love it.

When winter returns, I focus exclusively on the business I founded in 2012. I am very proud to offer less environmentally taxing snowmobiling, thanks to using vehicles with four-stroke engines. For the past four years I’ve been organizing hikes and treks across all of Charlevoix. My company has become the cream of the crop in snowmobiling. Here the quality – and quantity – of snow coverage is extraordinary, the season stretches over a long period and the scenery is breathtaking. My favorite ride? I really like the off-piste but I often dash to the Trans-Québec 3 which offers a mix of trails in a wild forest and spectacular panoramas between river and mountains. When my Montréal friends show up, we love to unwind at the Microbrasserie Charlevoix and cafés like the Café Charlevoix in Baie-Saint-Paul. They all envy me. “