” I love my part of the country with its majestic river surrounding my island, for that wind which every day of the year pushes us with all sails set. Born in Isle-aux-Coudres, this is where I return after each competition abroad, to recharge my batteries, see friends from my early years and feel the salt-sea air on my skin.

I love Charlevoix for its art of living and generous nature. Here we know how to take advantage of the winds and of that snow falling abundantly on an often surreal scenery. Before becoming a kite surfer, I practiced snow-kiting. Without revealing all the best addresses – I like to keep some secrets – there is an idyllic spot called La Baleine (the whale) where the wind blows continually on fields left bare offering an unrestricted view of the Saint-Lawrence. I never miss an opportunity to come back again and again.

Training at home – I am known as the girl from the North –  has afforded me some advantages over my fellow competitors. In addition to helping me master my technique while enjoying the best sliding conditions, winter has shaped my temper. As good Islanders, authenticity makes us a true and supportive people, always proud of our neck of the woods and of our peers success. Every time I come back after competing, I marvel at the love that my people bestow on me “.