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L’Ancestrale Trail


This trail offers an access to the Gabrielle-Roy-West trail. It allows hikers to enjoy a wide loop with the Massif de Charlevoix network of paths. The trail is also an exit for the Sentier des Caps trekkers on a long hike. A maple grove is located at the start of the trail. The terrain becomes steeper but the trail is set according to the slopes. The trail is dotted with gateways, bridges, and stairs hanging from the rock wall, and leads to the original source of electricity that, as early as 1926, was supplying a few homes in the village.


At km 441.5 of route 138, take Rue Principale and go down to the village, then walk across it to the Domaine à Liguori, again on your right (11.8 km). The path is near the information shelter.

Caution : In winter, the trail crosses the Massif de Charlevoix sled run at four different points, be careful and cross quickly without stopping in the middle of the run.

It is always important to get information from the trail manager before going hiking.

Technical informations

  • Distance 2.2 km
  • Duration 1h
  • Level Easy
  • Access

    • Hiking
    • Snowshoeing


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Contact informations

MRC de Charlevoix
4, place de l'Église, local 201
Baie-Saint-Paul (Québec) G3Z 1T2

  418 435-2639

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