” I was born here on the family land 25 years ago. My Dad, Maurice Dufour, had 13 siblings. Picture the family reunions! My childhood memories relate to the activities we all took part in right here on the family farm. It goes from skating on boots to off-piste snowmobile rides in powdered snow-covered trails from the top of the mountain, in Baie-Saint-Paul. Nothing compares to this feeling of total freedom!

However, even though Charlevoix is an immense playground, for the Dufour family, it is around a table that everything happens. I had just turned 10 when I ate my first steak drizzled in a sauce made of blue cheese that my Dad had just created, the Ciel de Charlevoix. The collaboration between the region’s chefs and producers is amazing. When I visit the Auberge des Falaises for example, I get a kick out of the way the chef prepares the Migneron, smoked! I admit that seeing Charlevoix’s name on the menu of Québec’s finest gastronomic restaurants makes me proud and is highly rewarding for all the work of those dedicated people who make Charlevoix’s agrotourism a tourist attraction. We only have to think of the Charcuteries de Damien or the foie gras from the Ferme Basque, my little weakness. It may sound like a cliché but all those producers are here for the good reasons. To make Charlevoix a must-visit gourmet destination. Tough on the waisteline? We’ll go play outside after dinner “.