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Du Lac à la Main Trail – La Traversée de Charlevoix


Its starting point is that of du Dôme trail which it follows up to the Lac du Gros Ruisseau. That part of the trail warms the muscles up as it goes steadily up, at times, winding to make it somewhat easier. Feast your eyes as it is all open ground. Admire the Mont du Dôme, Mont du Lac à Moïse, and the chalets of the Traversée looking so small at the foot of the mountain.


From Baie-Saint-Paul,  follow Route 138 East, then Route 381 North to the welcoming station at kilometer 10.6.

Additional information

  • Registration at the welcoming area is compulsory before going hiking;
  • During the hunting season, it is mandatory to wear the orange vest and cap.

It is always important to get information from the trail manager before going hiking.

Technical informations

  • Distance 2.3 km
  • Duration NA
  • Level Intermediate
  • Access

    • Hiking
    • Snowshoeing
    • Cross-country ski
  • Specifications

    • Welcome pavilion
    • Bathroom
    • Parking
    • Belvedere
    • Refuge
  • Nearby cities

    • Saint-Urbain 2.5km
    • Baie-Saint-Paul 17.3km

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Contact informations

Welcome Centre
Km 10,6
Route 381, Saint-Urbain

  418 639-2284

Visit the official site of La Traversée de Charlevoix


  • Cash

Daily Access

  • $5

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