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Des Pins Trail – Baie-Sainte-Catherine


Enhancing its offer annually for twenty years, the municipal network of hiking paths in the Municipality of Baie-Sainte-Catherine adds up to more than 10 km of trails in forest and mountainous terrain.


The path meanders at the top of mountains where lays Lac Tintin which unfortunately cannot be observed. As its name suggests, you will cross a magnificent natural pine forest stretching on the mountainside. The only access to this trail is through Des Colons and De la Chute paths. It is considered of intermediary level, as it needs passing through other trails to access it. The path itself is considered easy. It offers many viewpoints on different directions.

Itinerary alternatives

1- Departure from Des Colons trail at parking lot P1; round trip: 9.37 km/ minimum time of 2:20 hours.

2- Departure through De La Chute trail at parking lot P3 (taking the Sentier Des Pins to the South towards the loop); round trip: 11.1 km/minimum time of 2:47 hours.

HINTS : Do not be too quiet, make noise and talk in forest to indicate your presence and avoid surprise encounters with animals. Bells or jingles are recommended.


From La Malbaie, follow Route 138 East to Baie-Sainte-Catherine. Turn left on Leclerc Street, travel a further 500 meters and turn left at the first fork on the Chemin des Loisirs (gravel forest road). The parking lot P1 is 250 meters further, the parking lot P2 is further to the left and the parking lot P3 is 3,2 km further on Chemin des Loisirs.

It is always important to get information from the trail manager before going hiking.

Technical informations

  • Distance 2.2 km
  • Duration 30 minutes
  • Level Intermediate
  • Access

    • Hiking
    • Snowshoeing
  • Specifications

    • Belvedere
    • Parking


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