“For quite a while, we dreamed of settling here and buying a livestock farm of goats and Highland beef. After being selected for the position of Fauna protection Agent in Charlevoix, Michel and I decided that it was a good omen. Even more when we realized that the farm we had purchased on rang 5 in Saint-Hilarion was the one we had visited as students, when we were both already dreaming about Charlevoix.

So it is here that the neigbours – at first slightly skeptical – saw two youths arrive with their goats and donkeys. Eight years later, our goats top the menus of Charlevoix’s finest gastronomic restaurants. Even goat’s sweetbreads are offered! Ask Mario Chabot, the Chef at the Auberge des Trois Canards who prepares them divinely. Outside of the farm, we have also started a family. We now have three 100% Charlevoix children – Zoé, Manu and Bastien – running around everywhere on our lands in the back-country. Zoé, all of 5 years old, has even begun guiding to show « her » farm to visitors stopping by to purchase our products. What an environment for children! Charlevoix’s Flavour Trail is certainly a must. We just love to direct those who get on it to the historical site of Rosanna’s house, direction Saint-Urbain. There, on rang Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Charlevoix’s beauty takes on a whole new meaning!”