“I arrived in Charlevoix ten years ago directly from the Yukon. I have known immensity but what just hit me upon my arrival was the mixed territory of sea and mountain where at last I would be able to live my passions to the fullest.

As an outdoors guide, one may say that I am used to less frequented roads. In Charlevoix I found total escaping :  being able to reach a speed of 15 km/h on the Mont des Éboulements in a dog-sled, surrounded by wild beauty, to observe lynx and coyote tracks and to lend an ear to appreciate the silence. It is also the opportunity of attacking the ice of a 20-km wide river in a sea kayak in mid-March when the temperatures are still below zero.

I also remember my first winter kayak outing to Cap à la Baleine. I had never seen anything like it : a 55 m high by 250 m wide vertical rock wall covered in ice.

From the river you get a kind of « the far side of the world » feeling and what is wonderful is that you do not have to go to the far side of the world to admire this surreal spectacle. All this is nearby, a little more than a one-hour drive from Québec City and less than a four-hour drive from Montréal.

I have no intention of ever leaving. I bought land in Les Éboulements and am waiting for my son to get a little older to settle there and teach him how to read the landscape.”