“I was born in Pointe-au-Pic, in la Malbaie sector. This explains that. I laugh out loud and my language is, let’s just say, rather colourful. That’s how we are at home. Authentic people who love life and every day find lots of inspiration in living in beautiful surroundings. After squatting the big cities for 15 years, I felt the need to get back to my roots. I now have my own studio in Cap-à-l’Aigle, in la Malbaie sector, in the former home of my father’s uncle next to my grandfather’s, a sculpter and mariner. »

« Here the river is close by. Every morning I take my dog Slash out for a walk by the river. In winter my second home is Mont Grand-Fonds. I have gone skiing there since I was 3 years old, my mother being a patroller at the time. Whenever possible, in summer as in winter, I saddle up my gentle Irma and go to the back-country, on Sainte-Mathilde’s peaks just to savour the scenery. That is where I find my inspiration that, on canvas, will reveal all the emotions – and the lovely abstractions – these landscapes arouse in me. At the end of a good work day or just for the fun of stopping, I go to Pains d’exclamation for a coffee or cross the street to the Laure-Conan Library, an architectural masterpiece. From there, I can admire from above the Pirates’ ship I painted at the quai Casgrain of La Malbaie, where the Saint-Lawrence and the Rivière Malbaie meet and where are anchored my most beautiful memories”.