Charlevoix’s authentic nature

«I come from Baie Saint-Paul. I spent 8 years on Côte-Nord, but my spouse and I finally came back. We adore the region and find that Québec City is more easily accessible from here.

When I came back home, I worked 9 years at Le Massif and will celebrate this year, my 20th anniversary at SEPAQ!

Due to a turn of events I began working in the great outdoors. I graduated with a diploma in accounting but at the onset of my career, I was changing employment every year. Once I mastered my tasks, I felt like I knew all there was and started getting restless. I tried several business sectors until I discovered, 20 years ago, an environment I really love.

Charlevoix is blessed with two national parks : the Grands-Jardins and the Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie national parks. I first visited des Grands-Jardins as a child with my dad. The rocky notches so amazed him and I feel the same. I was 37, when I discovered the Hautes-Gorges national park. They reveal very different landscapes but are both alluring and breathtaking. I often go to one or the other with my family.

In addition to various activities, both parks count several hiking trails of various lengths and levels, with countless lookouts. My work takes me to the parks through the year and every third year or so, I travel all the trails to ascertain their quality. My favorite one is the Acropole-des-Draveurs path which I think is at its peak in the fall. As you reach the top you feel overwhelmed with pride for having successfully completed the climb. And what can be said about the view!

 I love living in Charlevoix for all those trekking opportunities the region displays. We count our blessings for the year-round outdoor playground we call home. And I wish everyone experiences at least once in a lifetime, the musical happening Le Festif that takes place in Baie-Saint-Paul in July. »