“For 17 years, I have had the pleasure of teaching sciences in Charlevoix. I don’t know if it was written in the sky but I manage Observatories that vouch for my personal attachment to Charlevoix and its immense playground from the Earth into the sky. 

Living in such immensity – at the heart of a meteoritic crater – reminds us daily of our own vulnerability and helps us to become conscious that we are part of a much greater universe. Whether observing Saturn (uniquely positioned this summer), the enormous craters on the Moon’s surface or the Perseids showers, in August, the skies of Charlevoix enjoy natural illuminating.

I do have both feet on the ground though. I very much enjoy climbing and hiking. And with two national parks, I can’t ask for more. In the ZEC des Martres, near des Grands-Jardins national park, the trails of the Traversée de Charlevoix top the list for family hikes to the summit of Mont du Dôme with its unrestricted view on the Vallée du Parc. In the company of active friends, I sometimes go to Mont du Four. On sunny days, we go kayaking in the Baie-des-Rochers area, enjoying the salty air and, on a lucky day, the breath of whales. It reminds me somewhat of my native Saguenay!

The great outdoors whets the appetite. I so enjoy the many restaurants in the region, for their atmospheres and the varied menus, when the weather conditions are not perfectly aligned with the stars.”