” I was born in Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs in Charlevoix. I spent my childhood on the shores of Lac Brûlé. At that time we were the only family to live there year-round. I have always enjoyed cottage living. It must be here, in Saint-Aimé, that I learned to like living isolated and to appreciate all the beauty of life in nature. 

I reluctantly went into exile in Québec City for ten years to finish my studies. My children were born there. Ten years ago I felt the urge to return permanently to Charlevoix. I was looking for some land and I found… a maple grove, 4 km from Saint-Siméon. I felt very lucky because they are scarce in the region. It was in deep need of loving care, so we poured our love into it. Today, it is my home, my livelihood and my greatest wealth.

Every day I feel privileged to walk my land and earn my living as a maple producer. Every winter I tap approximately 2,500 maple trees – and now birch trees – and then transform their water in syrup and other marvelous delicacies. I welcome visitors from everywhere year-round. People appreciate Charlevoix a lot, as well as the know-how and passion of its inhabitants.

When I come out of the woods, I enjoy strolling – even in winter – on the beach of Saint-Siméon. With my three daughters and two dogs, we never miss an opportunity to go to Port-au-Persil, to this day considered as one of the most beautiful villages of Québec. My daughters aged 15 and 12 are already deeply attached to Charlevoix. I would love for them to take over the maple grove. “