Art and culture in Charlevoix

” I hail from the Bois Francs region. I came here 11 years ago to work at the museum and I immediately adopted Charlevoix.

The Musée de Charlevoix is located in La Malbaie facing the St. Lawrence. Every day I marvel at the spectacular view. Weather permitting, we eat on the terrace installed on the museum’s rooftop which is also accessible to visitors. The view on the mountains and the river is breathtaking. On occasion, it is even possible to spot the whales!

Locals and tourists alike appreciate the museum which is specially designed for families. For example, we propose activities requiring a collaboration between parent and child which they will both enjoy. We aim to democratise Charlevoix’s culture. We offer a permanent exposition on the history of the region and others on the popular art of Charlevoix, but also of Québec and the world.

I believe that visiting a region, people want to know about its history, culture and inhabitants. In my opinion that is what the Musée de Charlevoix offers.

I think it is the most beautiful region in Québec! The juxtaposition of the mountains and the river creates a special light. And countless small paths between the two main roads offer extraordinary views.

There is also the super vibrant artistic and cultural life. There is always something to do even in the countryside. In the summer, there are so many cultural activities, one has to make heart-wrenching choices! 

One of my favorite places in Charlevoix is the quay at Pointe-au-Pic. There is an art gallery and a small handicraft boutique, Indigène, and the jetty. The next time you visit, you must stop there! »