” Even though I have lived a few years away from here, I never really left Charlevoix. When the first 15 years of your life are spent in the great outdoors, on the lakes of Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs and on the mountains of Clermont, all this is deeply rooted in you and for ever.

Seven years ago, I returned to my roots and bought an outfitter facility in Charlevoix. With my children, it is here that we spend the most part of our lives, in the forest. It has become a true way of living, our benchmark to savour the calm and the immensity. Hunters or families vacationing, those who come to visit confirm it : Charlevoix’s unique nature is an amazing way to relieve stress.

The forest is also a most valuable teacher. Experiencing the deers up close, observing the beavers, feeding the hares hanging around the cabins by the lake, one understands that he does not have to go far to find peace. At a 900-metre altitude, visitors from the city experience a timeless journey. I am only 40 years old and people often say Alexandre, you look so calm and serene! The forest, especially Charlevoix’s does it. It calms you in no time.

When I am not in the woods, I am by a river. We are lucky in Charlevoix to have  beautiful salmon rivers, like the Malbaie River, five minutes from downtown. Is the fishing good? When a guy loves nature, nature loves him back “.