” Our campground and our ranch are located on my grandfather’s land. We were originally breeding livestock. Then, in 1994, my wife, Murielle, and I decided to open the equestrian center.

A French visitor told us once, ” In my country, camping on the farm is highly popular “.  We kept that in mind. Two years later, we started with 20 camping sites. Today, we offer 50, available from June to October. And I agree, the ranch makes the camping experience unique! The camping and horseback riding packages are much sought after.

People sleep on site to enjoy whale-watching excursions offered 5 minutes from here, and to go hiking or kayaking.

We are near the water and some of our camping sites propose a view of the river. Our horse treks also offer spectacular views: the paths lead to a waterfall or for the sportier ones, to a mountain cavern worth visiting.

We both hail from Baie-Sainte-Catherine. After all these years spent here, we know that we could not live without seeing the river every day. Charlevoix has got it all: river and mountains.

Visitors in the region tell us that the scenery is breathtaking and they are right!  Not a day goes by without my thinking how beautiful it is!

We are lucky because our sons, Guillaume and Dominic, share our love for the region. They are still in Baie-Sainte-Catherine. We hope that eventually they will take over. “