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Recreational kayaking on du Gouffre River

From $44 per person

Katabatik - Aventure dans Charlevoix

Rate: 12km: $44 // 20 km: $54 // 25 km: $59

Du Gouffre River is a wild salmon river, ideal for recreational kayaking. Several itineraries dotted with easy white-waters are available to beginners, families, educational communities, groups and the more athletics.

We propose a rental service to all, with the help of a shuttle. Traveling the river, you will have the opportunity to stop on one of the beaches, ideal time for a swim, savour a picnic, or simply enjoy the scenery. Relax, enjoy the moment, breathe, pay close attention to nature, feel its strength, let the river flow be your guide.


Katabatik - Aventure dans Charlevoix

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210, rue Sainte-Anne
Baie-Saint-Paul (QC)  G3Z 1P8

1 800 453-4850

  418 435-2066

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Open year-around

Ticket office at Baie-St-Paul wharf, open daily.

From 19 May to 30 September

  • 19:42 to 00:00 - Monday

Kayak tours and river descents

From 17 March to 30 September

Guided ski-snowshoes excursion

From 12 January to 23 March


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