Safran Nordique, Azulée, Omerto and cani-trottinette

Attractions Passport : $79.80 / person (40% discount)*

This passport includes:

  • 1h to 1.5h of Cani-trottinette (cani-scooter) at La Reine et le Millionnaire;
  • A 90-minutes discovery guided tour of Safran Nordique’s secrets;
  • The admission to a Azulée organic culinary lavender self-guided visit;
  • A Discover Omerto’s secrets visit! A 60 to 90-minutes tour.

* This passport is non-exchangeable, non-refundable and intended for Quebecers. Passports do not have an expiration date, but attractions may require an additional charge after December 31, 2021. The discount is included in the price listed.

**Please verify the conditions and dates of validity of the passport when purchasing it on the partner’s site.