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Surrounded by nature, Charlevoix’s outfitters provide a change of scenery and peace of mind. Even though they are an ideal location for a memorable fishing or hunting expedition, outfitters offer so much more! The lodging, whether rustic or luxurious, is an integral part of the experience, and the vast array of activities available on site guarantees you and your family will enjoy an unforgettable stay!

  • Domaine Le Pic Bois

    This outfitter is renowned for the observation of the impressive and incredible mammal. Perched in the watchtower, participants are assured to feast their eyes on or many majestic beasts.

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    Photo : Domaine Le Pic Bois

  • Club des 3 Castors

    Hiking is favorite activity in the Charlevoix region. At the Club des Trois Castors, a brand new trail leads to the discovery of impressive lookouts.

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    Photo : Club des 3 Castors

  • Domaine Chasse et pêche Gaudias Foster

    Within the Domaine chasse et pêche Gaudias Foster, into the bog, you will have the opportunity of observing the Sarracenia purpurea (purple pitcher plant).

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    Photo : Olivier Pouzin

  • Pourvoirie des Lacs Roger et Faucille

    Enjoying an apéritif while admiring the sunset remains a summer must. And when we have the opportunity to do it from our adopted chalet, steps from the lake, magic happens.

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    Photo : Les Pourvoiries de Charlevoix

  • Pourvoirie du Lac Moreau

    Some outfitters, the aubergistes de la forêt (forest innkeepers), offer also a catering service. And what a service! Until the dining room’s official reopening, take out our palatable dishes of regional products for enjoyment in the comfort of your chalet.

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    Photo : Pourvoirie du Lac Moreau

  • Pourvoirie du Club Bataram

    Between two fishing sessions, why not take advantage of the lovely weather and lay down on a fine sandy beach to enjoy every sun ray gently brushing the skin.

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    Photo : Pourvoirie du Club Bataram

  • Pourvoirie du Lac Croche

    What a joy to explore a lake comfortably sitting in our kayak, or from atop our board paddle! Vacationers may enjoy several watersports equipment to enhance their stay.

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    Photo : Les Pourvoiries de Charlevoix

  • Pourvoirie Humanité

    While enjoying a lovely kayak outing, lunch box in hand, a stop at the paradisiac island at the heart of Lac François is a must. Before cozying up and devouring the lunch, jump into the water from the rocky notch.

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    Photo : Pourvoirie Humanité

  • Pourvoirie Domaine de la Chute

    Whether along the lakes, near the chalets or simply in the middle of the road, keep your eyes wide open as opportunities to view a moose, the king of our forests, are excellent!

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    Photo : Les Pourvoiries de Charlevoix

  • Domaine Comporté

    The Domaine Comporté was established in 1930 as a family own business and the tradition continues to this day. Here you will find calm, peacefulness and remoteness. Calling out all hunters, fishermen/women and nature lovers this is the place for you!

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    Photo : Domaine Comporté

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