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Le Persifou

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Persifou is the name that Marie Letellier, ceramist, and Jean-Pierre Sauvé, engraver, gave their Port-au-Persil creative space 25 years ago. Charmed by the river, they set up a pottery oven and an engraver press on this very poetic site. The beauty of the surroundings inspires all of their works. Entering the site, you will be welcomed by a colony of « persifous », small heads that enliven your gardens and may be collected. From Route 138, do not miss the Port-au-Persil road, you will be impressed. Visit Persifou and discover pots, all sorts of bowls, and other original creations by Marie, and Jean-Pierre’s engraved birds, characters and landscapes.



  • Type de lieu Activités et attraits
  • Destinations à proximité Charlevoix, Québec
  • Clientèle desservie Group , Corporate



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799, chemin Port-au-Persil
Port-au-Persil (QC)  G0T 1X0

  514 378-6144

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