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Le 1603


La maison Le 1603 Drawing its inspiration from the intelligence, and beautiful insular nature, it offers a trilogy of multi-sensory, poetic, and timeless experience. Three harmonious entities that may be perceived as one work or three distinct boutiques. LA BONBONNERIE - LA SAVONNERIE - LA BRICOLE VÉGÉTALE Local island products made from Isle-aux-Coudres plants and flowers!


  • Committed and motivated by sustainable values and new and innovative ideas, we practice an eco-responsible harvest of seaweed from the river, plants, and island wildflowers for the creation of our range of products based on plants and our body care products. Transformation and drying of plants: seaweed, wildflowers, and plants, from Isle-aux-Coudres, wickerwork, decorative objects, dried flowers and plants, bouquets of flowers, etc.

    Our vision and mission
    Respecting the biodiversity and therapeutic benefits of the coastal flora.
    Promote Isle-aux-Coudres natural beauty to instill in man a love to discover and protect his terroir.
    We design our product lines for the ones seeking calm, wellness, equilibrium, and serenity through healthy living, in harmony with nature and rhythm of the tides.

  • Le Rang Art
    Studio where plants carefully dry and get transformed with respect and dignity.
    Exploration, creation, and celebration of the modern artisan and memory of the past. A nostalgic, creative, and festive site bringing people together.

    Processing and drying of plants: Isle-aux-Coudres seaweed, wildflowers and plants, wickerwork, decorative objects, dried flowers and plants, bouquets, etc.
    Workshop and recreation and tourism activities: hiking, identifying of insular flora and eco-friendly picking.

  • Bonbonnerie
    Enjoying – tasting – savouring…
    A nice choice of old-fashioned candy with a touch of nostalgia, snacks, insular terroir herbal teas and delicacies for sports people. The multitude of choices will satisfy residents and visitors alike. The candy store will progressively expand its offerings. An artisan confectioner is currently developing an island collection.

    Feeling - smelling - touching…
    Committed to and driven by sustainable values and new and innovative ideas, we harvest the river seaweed, plants, and insular wildflowers in an eco-friendly manner to prepare our plant-based body care products.

    Five collections designed for the human being concerned by, and aware of the soothing wealth of his terroir. The sea garden and that of Isle-aux-Coudres shoals constitute a true live laboratory!
    Their symbiotic and millennia assets contribute to the well-being, overall health, and that of your skin.


    La Bricole Végétale
    Decorative objects, dried flowers, bouquets, etc.
    Workshop and recreation and tourism activities: hiking, identifying of insular flora and eco-friendly picking.
    Memories in pictures: creation of unique works as a memento of the Isle, including greeting cards, posters, paintings and household accessories.


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    • Totally non-smoking
    • Souvenir shop
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    • Welcom cyclists
    • Totally non-smoking
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1603, chemin des Coudriers
Isle-aux-Coudres (QC)  G0A 1X0

  418 240-6181


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