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Follow the Flavour Trail and discover the extraordinary scenery while living a unique tasting experience. Growers, producers and transformers are expecting you at their farms to sample their products. The Flavour Trail also features the artistry of local chefs who highlight Charlevoix’s countless food treasures on their menus. To find out more about this unique circuit, please refer to the guide, or visit the website.


  • La Débâcle de Charlevoix, a grandiose gastronomic event, gathers chefs and producers from a pioneering region of Québec in agritourism who, for one night, combine their culinary skills and creativity to highlight Charlevoix’s regional products. « More than a simple meal, it is a great feast celebrating the wealth of our terroir that we offer the guests. La Débâcle is without any doubt one of the greater festive evenings related to Québec’s agribusiness sector ».

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