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Laureate of Prix Charlevoix Soutient 2018, Amyco introduces you to food from Charlevoix’s forest and indigenous terroir. Join our hikes and sample your picking on site! Stop by the boutique to discover our vast array of forest food (Labrador Tea, wintergreen, chaga, mushrooms…) picked in Charlevoix, in Québec and Canada depending on seasonal harvests.


  • AMYCO harvesting wild! Excursions and wild harvest boutique : Accompanied by a passionate biologist, we take you out to explore the woods while hunting for mushrooms. Start with a theory workshop and then set out to walk in the forest, for a total of 3 hours. Our search is focused on top edible specimens, all easily identified. After the tour, shop for other forest-harvested goods including several varieties of wild mushroom, herbal teas and spices, medicinal products and pick-up items (books, knives, natural insects repellents). Amyco has been harvesting in Québec’s wilderness since 2008 and offers mushroom picking.


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237-230, rue Saint-Étienne
La Malbaie (QC)  G5A 1T6

  581 727-0808

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Mushrooms discovery hike

Du 21 July au 20 October

  • 13:00 à 16:00 - Samedi

Store (low season)

  • 10:00 à 17:00 - Mardi
  • 10:00 à 17:00 - Mercredi
  • 10:00 à 17:00 - Jeudi
  • 10:00 à 17:00 - Vendredi
  • 10:00 à 17:00 - Samedi

Store high season (it's recommanded to call on Tuesdays and Wednesdays before coming)

Du 22 June au 9 October

Ouvert en tout temps


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