“I still remember well the moment when, in 1977, I arrived for the the first time in Baie-Saint-Paul’s heights, with its amazing view on the valley, the river and Isle-aux-Coudres straight ahead. A balcony on the ocean which immediately reminded me of Chile, my country of origin. I instantly fell in love. »

I love the village life. Boule games during happy hour at Mounton Noir. Rides to the river on a bicycle to capture the light; walking to the Quai’s wooden area – a theatre open to the river – and heading back through the Allée des Petites Franciscaines shaded by the large poplar trees. This is what I like of Charlevoix; the diverse scenery which from the back-country to the river and through the national parks, create a cinema-like decor. Charlevoix is also a land of confluence for Catalans, Bretons, Swiss, Belgians and Chileans who, like me, have settled here, giving a particular colour to the landscape and generating new ideas.

I often jump on my motorcycle and hit the St. Lawrence Route. I take a tour of Isle-aux-Coudres, stopping at the Hôtel du Capitaine to hear Caroline Desbiens sing about the river of her nautical ancestors, or at La Fascine to enjoy a blues show. In the winter, I love sitting down to dinner with friends after a snowshoeing outing at the Parc de la Rivière du Gouffre. These moments when nature and men meet produce moods favouring creativity.”