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Théâtre d’été de l’Auberge la Coudrière Cool Hotel


The theater at the Auberge de La Courdrière will present two different plays in 2018:
Play # 1 : THEY LOVE EACH OTHER by La Comédie de Montréal
Story line : They get married, fight, make up, act in bad faith, lie to each other. In short they love each other!
It is the story of a typically modern couple, a man and a woman who think that two is a lot. They will be petty, jealous, resentful, deceiving, sweet, dishonest, tender, they will act in bad faith, in short they are human! All of this to keep on loving each other. From disclosures to reconciliations, from driving licence to driving without a licence, Deplhine and François live the life of an ordinary couple. You will easilty recognize them! They will remind you of YOURSELF!

Several scenes of “I’ve been there” or “déjà vu” will make you roar with laughter.
A comedy from Muriel Robin and Pierre Palmade.
A huge success in Europe with more than 2 million spectators, at last in Québec!!!

Play # 2 : PLACE AUX CHAUSSONS (“Make way for the Chaussons”) by the Productions Au Quart de Tour
Story line : Federica is a happy home owner who goes away for two weeks. An unpleasant surprise awaits her return as a couple of old eccentrics – Mr. & Mrs. Chausson – are squatting in the place. They even renamed the property and redecorated it with the utmost bad taste. She tries to evict them, the police get involved, the elderlies play the victims and pretend to be the legal owners. The world upside down. The very “stay at home” young lady is struggling with extroverted senile delinquents. In the end, Federica will be threatened with eviction until.....
Staging and scenography by Françoise Bourdut. A comedy by Thierry François.


  • BEN, VOYONS DONC GERMAINE! (« What were you thinking, Germaine? »). We have all met a true Germaine, one who handles and manages everything and everyone, once. Witness a day with the feisty Germaine and her husband, the phlegmatic Albert. Find out how their neighbours, Hector, Alphonse, Gino and Romeo, will touch their lives! One thing is certain, nothing will ever be as it was! RATES: Adult: $29, 13 years and less $19, dinner-theater $63, with accommodation: $27, group rate.


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Contact informations

2891, chemin des Coudriers
Isle-aux-Coudres (QC)  G0A 2A0

1 888 438-2882

  418 438-2838

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Ouvert en saison

"Ils s'aiment" : June 2, 9 and 16, 8 p.m.

July 3 to August 31, Tuesday to Saturday at 8 p.m.

September 1 and 2, at 4 p.m.

"Place aux chaussons" : from June 26 to 30, at 8 p.m.


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